Covid-19 update

All the staff at Discreet Scotland hope you are safe and well!

We find ourselves in uncharted territory with the current global crisis due to Covid 19.

The travel restrictions put in place for everyone’s safety have put a stop to everyday life for billions of people around the world. This is, of course necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

We wish to reassure our guests that we will do everything possible to minimise the disruption if your visit to Scotland cannot go ahead in the coming months . We don’t want anyone to miss out on their trip, therefore we will be happy to reschedule your tour, utilising all monies you have already paid towards your new tour dates : there will be no additional administration fee involved. This offer is valid for 12 months from your original tour date and will apply to day tours and multi-day tours.

We understand that everyone will be desperate to return to normal life as soon as possible, so this will give you something to really look forward to. Scotland will be more beautiful, more welcoming than ever before. Those castles, the mountains, the lochs will all shine brighter. Our whisky, the salmon, the haggis will taste so much better. We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

We have a new luxury boat tour starting this year. You can take a 2 hour cruise from Edinburgh under our world famous Forth Bridges including our iconic Forth Railway Bridge, learning about the incredible history of the Firth of Forth from ancient times to its role during WW1 and WW2. It’s fascinating! We will be happy to work with you in order to design a bespoke/customised itinerary which will  accommodate a boat tour within your original booking if at all possible.  

Please get in touch  if you have any concerns or require a change of dates for your tour with us. You will be aware this is a challenging time for us all and we want to reassure you, we are willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate all our guests during this uncertain period. We honestly can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

Please, stay safe and look after one another.