Terms & Conditions



  • When booking a single day tour we require full payment to secure your tour.
  • When notifiction of cancellation is received for a single day tour more than 6 weeks prior to your selected date, Discreet Scotland will refund the full tour amount minus £50 administration fee.
  • Any notice of cancellation for a day tour made within 6 weeks prior to the selected date, refunds will be made on the following scale

41-28 days before start- 75% of balance minus £50 administration fee

27-14 days before start-50% of balance minus £50 administration fee

13-0 days before start-NIL

  • On request Discreet Scotland may offer the opportunity to transfer the date of tour where possible but transferring tour dates is not guaranteed and is dependant on availability of our vehicles.


  • When booking a multi-day tour we require a 25% non refundable deposit to secure your tour dates. Full balance is payable six weeks prior to your date of travel.
  • If a balance is remaining on a tour booking within the six week deadline of the first day of tour then Discreet Scotland reserves the right to cancel the tour and retain the deposit.
  • Where notification of cancellation has been received by Discreet Scotland less than six weeks prior to commencement of a multi day tour or service the following schedule of refunds will apply:

 41-28 days before start- 75% of balance minus £50 administration fee

27-14 days before start-50% of balance minus £50 administration fee

13-0 days before start-NIL

  • Where exceptional circumstances so warrant, the management of Discreet Scotland reserves the right (in its absolute discretion) to cancel tours or services. In such cases clients will be promptly informed and offered a full refund.

Risks and Insurance

Discreet Scotland operate in accordance with the Linked Travel Arrangement Regulations 2018. Discreet Scotland do not sell package travel arrangements, so ticket purchases for attractions/sites we visit on tour, must be made from each specific vendor. Discreet Scotland are not responsible for any accidents/ injury which may occur at any of the sites we visit, during any of our arranged tours. Each location we visit have a duty of care for your enjoyment of experience, comfort and safety. Clients (customers) must have appropriate and adequate insurance (with a reputable insurer) to cover death, personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, loss of or damage to luggage and contents of same and expenses associated with cancellation or curtailment of a tour. Each client is responsible for loss of or damage to baggage or personal possessions or consequential loss arising there from. In the event of client illness, then the relevant client must accept responsibility for any medical costs incurred and Discreet Scotland shall not be liable to refund any part of the tour cost. It is incumbent on each client to ensure that insurance cover held is both current and adequate for the particular needs of such client and/or group for which such client is responsible. All visitors from overseas must have insurance to cover accident and repatriation.

Health and Safety

  • The group must at all times abide by the directions of the Tour Guide or Tour Director.
  • The Guide/Company must be notified in advance of clients’ which are suffering from any medical condition or are taking medication which is likely to interfere with their mobility and/or ability to fully participate in the agreed tour program.
  • Clients whose fitness level or medical condition is not considered by the Company/Guide to be appropriate for certain activities may be asked to make alternative arrangements. In such cases compensation will not be offered by the Company.
  • Clients should be aware that weather conditions in Scotland can be severe and hence MUST be properly equipped.
  • Discreet Scotland reserves the right to terminate a tour if, in the reasonable opinion of the company the behavior of a client or client group is or is likely to be disruptive, dangerous or upsetting to other people or if such client or group have caused or are likely to cause damage to property. Discreet Scotland will not pay any refund or costs incurred by a client in the event that a tour is terminated due to unacceptable behavior.

Complaints Procedure

Whenever possible, clients (customers) should promptly bring a complaint to attention of the Guide/Company.
Clients wishing to lodge a complaint after the trip or tour should write to the company within 28 day’s of the tour end providing full details. The Company will endeavor to resolve such complaint in an amicable manner as expeditiously as possible.

 Tour Policy

We provide a private tour service which is exclusive to your group only. We do not add other groups to your tour, nor do we accept bookings for individuals joining together to make up numbers. Our tours are not designed for split groups and your booking may be cancelled if we suspect this is the case.