Scotland and Outer Hebridean islands, 10 Day tour

Our 10 day Scotland and Outer Hebrides tour is designed to cover a great mix of sights around a vast area of the country. We visit central Scotland, the Highlands, then some beautiful islands off Scotland’s West coast. The Inner and Outer Hebrides offer spectacular scenery, seascapes and must see visitor attractions.

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10 day Scotland and Outer Hebrides

Orkney Islands and Scotland, 8 Day Tour

Our 8 day tour of Scotland and the Orkney islands offers a great mix of locations around the mainland, as well as a fantastic opportunity to visit Scotland’s ancient sites from Neolithic Britain. With its Stone circles, burial chambers, Viking settlements and World War 1 & 2 history, there’s a tremendous amount of see and do on the islands.

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8 day Scotland and Orkney tour

The Highlands in Winter, 3 Day Tour

Our 3 day winter tour of the highlands is perfectly adapted to suit the shorter daylight hours, as well as closures of some attractions during the winter period. There’s still a great number of sights accessible all year round and the Highlands is a very special place to visit, with snow covered mountains and very few people around.

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3 day winter highlands tour

The Highlands, 3 Day Tour

Our 3 day Highlands tour is designed to capture the very essence of Highland life. We visit castles, wild mountain landscapes, Lochs and Glens, where the turbulent history comes alive. You will hear the story of these tough, fearless warriors who lived in this part of the country for thousands of years, who called this rugged landscape, home.

Find the full tour itinerary below or download the itinerary (slight changes are necessary during the winter period).

The Highlands and Isle of Skye, 4 Day Tour

Our 4 day Highlands and Isle of Skye tour is perfect for those wishing to escape city life and experience raw nature. We visit more remote parts of the country on this tour and the spectacular, Isle of Skye. The volcanic landscape which constantly changes as you travel around the island has drawn travellers from all around the World, as well as major movie productions.

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The Highlands, Isle of Skye and Inverness, 5 Day Tour

Our 5 day tour of the Highlands, Isle of Skye and Inverness is a perfect blend of historic sites and scenic paradise. We travel around some of the most picturesque areas in Scotland, but also visit some of the most important Castles, battlefields, ancient monuments and the all important, Loch Ness, for those who hope to catch a glimpse of the monster “Nessie”.

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5 day highlands, Isle of Skye and Inverness tour

Scotland, 7 Day Tour

Our 7 day tour of Scotland covers a little bit of everything the country has to offer for visitors. History, culture, scenic beauty, loch’s, mountains, seascapes, architecture, engineering marvels, science, geology, gastronomy and don’t forget, Whisky.

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Outlander set locations

We collect you from your hotel, then visit various locations used for filming the hit series Outlander. Based on the best selling novels by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is filmed in real Castles and towns throughout Scotland.

Our first location on this Outlander tour is the historic town of Falkland. The town is the setting for episode one where Frank and Claire Randall come to Scotland on holiday. This is a real town, not a movie set and all the shops and recognisable features are there, including the town square fountain where Frank encounters Jamie’s ghost watching Claire through the window.

Our next location is Doune Castle. The Castle was completed in 1400 for the 1st Duke of Albany and provides the setting for Castle Leoch in Outlander. It was also the set for Winterfell in Game of Thrones and Monty Pythons Holy Grail. The Castle remains unchanged since first built and regarded as one of the best preserved medieval Castles in Scotland.

Blackness Castle, Outlander

Our final location on this Outlander tour is Blackness Castle. Dating from 1440, the Castle provides the setting for Fort William, as the original fort no longer exists.

Lunch and admission fees are NOT included



Stirling, Winter Special

We collect you from your hotel at a slightly later time of 10am. Our Stirling winter tour is designed to accommodate reduced daylight hours. On this tour we visit the mighty Stirling Castle which stands proud on a volcanic rock overlooking rich farmland and the distant mountains of the highlands. Stirling Castle has a very turbulent history as the most fought over property in Scotland. The nearby Church of the Holy Rude is the only remaining active church in the UK, other than Westminster Abbey that has witnessed the coronation of a King (James 6th and 1st)Church of the Holy Rude

After lunch we visit Deanston whisky distillery. Originally built as a cotton mill in 1785, the factory closed its doors in 1965 and the decision was taken to transform the site into a whisky distillery.

If you don’t wish to take a distillery tour then you also have the option to visit nearby Doune Castle. Built in 1400 as a Royal residence for the 1st Duke of Albany Stuarts, it’s also the film set of Monty Pythons Holy Grail, Winterfell in Game of Thrones and most recent is Castle Leoch in the Outlander series.

Lunch and admission fees NOT included


Edinburgh, Winter Special

Edinburgh is a fantastic city to visit in winter. Due to reduced daylight hours we can offer a 6 hour tour of the city and its surrounding areas.

You will be collected from your Edinburgh hotel by your personal guide at 10.00 am. We will take a leisurely drive around Edinburgh’s Old Town with your guide telling stories and describing city life over the last Millennia. We will point out historic buildings and explain important history associated with the city and its citizens over the years.

We take you south from the city to visit the remarkable Rosslyn Chapel. Built in 1446, This masterpiece of stone masonry is truly awe inspiring. Many theories exist as to why so much effort was put into the intricate stone carvings which cover the entire building. The chapel certainly has more unanswered questions than facts and you can draw your own conclusions after your visit.

Rosslyn chapel

After lunch we warm your soul with a visit Glenkinchie whisky distillery. This famous single malt is one of only six to be distilled in the lowlands of Scotland and used in the blended Johnnie Walker whisky.

Lunch and admission fees are NOT included.