Tour of Edinburgh and Forth Bridges Boat Trip

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Enjoy a private boat trip on board the luxury Discreet Explorer to learn about the fascinating history around the Firth of Forth. Our Edinburgh boat tour will take you under our 3 magnificent Forth bridges, The Queensferry Crossing, Forth Road Bridge and Forth Rail Bridge for a very unique view. We explain the history of these iconic structures, spanning 3 different centuries. A vital seaway for our ancient ancestors many thousands of years ago, to the largest Naval fortification in the British empire. The body of water surrounding the Northern side of Edinburgh has an incredible history to be told.

We continue East on the River Forth and explore the Islands of Inchcolm, Inchmickery and Inchgarvie, learning about the world war 1 and world war 2 defence systems established on the is lands to protect the Naval bases at Rosyth and Port Edgar.

Our boat trips will depart from Port Edgar, South Queensferry, Edinburgh twice a day 7 days a week.

Our boat trips from Edinburgh are exclusive use for your group. Whether 2 people or 8 travelling on the boat, no other groups will be joining you.

Sailing times are 10am-12pm then 2pm-4pm daily. If you wish to book a longer trip, please contact us for more information and prices.

“Yet in 1916 the Forth became the most powerful naval fortress-most powerful whether measured by armament, by garrison, or by any other standard-in the British Empire, and probably, therefore, in the World”.   —General George K Scott-Moncrieff

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Tour Highlights

  • Queensferry Crossing
  • Forth Road Bridge
  • Forth Rail Bridge
  • Inchcolm
  • Inchmickery
  • Inchgarvie
  • seals
  • seabirds


  • Approximately 2 hours

Total Cost for Vehicle & Guide

  • £299 for 2 hours
  • Private trips only!
  • Maximum 8 passengers per trip, that's less than £40 per person.